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About me

Hi and welcome to Velvet beauty + wellness.

My Name is Sarah Bonanno and I have been in the skin industry for 16 years and it is my absolute passion.


I started Velvet beauty & wellness because I wanted people to feel amazing and I wanted to be apart of that. Beauty therapy is more than just what you look like

its how you FEEL.

If you feel great you look great. I want you to feel YOUR inner beauty to reveal more of your OUTER beauty.

Bringing you high quality service and products, I feel I have created a beauty wonderland based on the following values:


  • A deep element of care, love and connection — the service being provided to each client, the products being used and the design of the entire beauty experience.
  • A brand that thinks differently in every way — with an innovative, inspiring and creative take on all things beauty, spa and wellness.
  • An extra special, luxurious 5-star BED — where you can relax, unwind and melt away for truly magical moments.
  • Safety, Health and Hygiene always come first — i only proceed when it is safe to do so. People before profits.
  • A Positive take on the beauty industry — mindset, messaging and marketing to uplift and empower. Instilling confidence not fear.
  • Holistic Service — treating body, mind and spirit, and recognising all is connected.

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